Helsinki 2015


Working premises in Nordea’s Vallila campus in Helsinki, Finland
Slush Ultrahack
Nordea Accelerator was part of Slush Ultrahack in Nov 2015
Demo Day
The program culminates in investor and media event taking place in Helsinki on Feb 18th 2016

Your easiest way to buy a used car. No more shady car deals. No more confusing bureaucracy. AutoBuy guides you through the process of buying a car, while automating irritating and time-consuming paperwork.

Exporting to Europe? Collect payment in 34 European countries for free from anywhere in the world! We provide a low cost "European payment account" for Non-European businesses. The payment account comes with an individual IBAN for easy integration into your invoices, contracts and ERP system.

We build a simple CX analytics platform to detect customer feelings. Customers only stay if they feel happy and get an enjoyable experience - otherwise, they just leave. We help companies detect customer feelings and perceptions without asking them. Any business can be improved with happy customers.

Nordigen helps lenders automate income verification by processing bank statement documents and extracting insights from transactions. This allows lenders to reduce applicant screening time from 15min to 20sec.

Nordledger brings a fully automated smart-contract based global marketplace for B2B e-invoice factoring. Our customers are banks who want expand their presence on the dynamic SME working capital financing and Supply Chain Financing markets.

NurtUp licenses games to cafes, so that people - strangers - interact at a deeper level, and create communities. Coaching, facilitation, project management... for the people, through gamified interaction. You can find NurtUp's free events through their web platform.
logo-palkkaus digitalizes employment and makes salary payment easy for households, entrepreneurs, SMEs, 3rd party services and helps employees to find work. platform will be the salary payment layer of Internet.

PayPeanuts lets you use your unredeemed loyalty points to pay for online content, giving you the experience of “free” and no mental transaction cost while content creators still get paid for content.

Polycoin provides risk management and compliance solution for financially regulated organizations such as banks and insurance companies, who wish to start managing digital identities and process virtual currencies transactions.

RealSource is a transaction portal for Commercial Real Estate. It makes it easy for property investors to find and assess investment opportunities and provides property sellers with the tools needed to reach the potential buyers and proceed in the sales process efficiently.


Conversational AI for customer service. Jenny takes the monotonous task of answering the most common customer questions - automatically, in any language you already support.

Wone is a mobile service that makes sending money to your friends and family as easy as texting them. Micro-payments, tipping, pooling money and much more are now just one tap away.